Boundary Disputes

Boundary Disputes

Most boundary disputes relate to disputes involving a few inches of land between adjoining domestic gardens within the suburban environment. Often the land involved is worthless in monetary terms but extremely valuable to the individual.

Whilst the land registry uses ordnance survey plans for title deeds, the plans are on such a small scale, it is futile to attempt to put a scale ruler on the title plan. If the title plan was to be increased in size, by for example a photocopier, the site boundaries would scale in the region of 2m wide.

boundary disputes

Carfeld Building Surveying Limited will listen to the issues associated with the said dispute and collect information from the relevant authorities (land registry) together with carrying out a measured survey of the land to produce accurate drawings/plans of the associated boundaries and adjoining buildings.

Areas of works undertaken covers:

•Measured surveys of horizontal boundaries including:
◦Garden Walls
•Vertical boundaries
•Party wall act
•Expert witness

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