Schedules of Conditions

Schedule of Conditions & Dilapidations

The Schedule of Conditions process is most commonly associated with leased accommodation and related tenancy agreements, identifies any defects with the property in question prior to the commencement of the lease period. Any identified issues are recorded by both photographs and in writing thus allowing a comparison to be made of the condition of the property at the end of any length of tenancy.

If the Schedule of Condition is to be considered for dilapidation purposes either at the end of or during the lease period, it should always be formally agreed by both parties at the beginning of that period.


A Schedule of Condition report of a property or structure may be formulated before any significant construction or engineering works are carried out in relation to the Party Wall work when there is the potential for damage to occur to neighbouring structures, and again the circumstances will be recorded both by photographs and in writing.

A Dilapidation Report applies to properties that are Leased or Rented and can be issued either during or at the end of the lease with the purpose of recording the present condition of the premises and any work that is necessary to return the accommodation to its previous condition including any associated costs. This report can be undertaken on behalf of either the tenant or the landlord.

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